Immediate Cash Assistance

In times of urgent financial need, Cox Enterprises employees are invited to apply to the Cox Employee Relief Fund (CERF) for immediate cash assistance.  The financial need must be related to a natural disaster, illness/injury or the loss of an immediate family member. The employee must also demonstrate that the urgent need cannot be met through personal or financial resources, insurance or public programs (such as FEMA or Red Cross).

Situations for which an immediate cash application may be considered include:

  • Urgent travel needs due to death of an immediate dependent family member
  • Urgent travel needs due to hospitalization of an immediate dependent family member
  • Emergency displacement due to a natural disaster to include flooding, fire or emergency evacuations
  • Unforeseen homelessness (lack of or sudden, unexpected loss of physical shelter)

To apply for an Immediate Cash grant:

  1. Contact your HR business partner or email CERF directly at to determine if your situation qualifies for immediate cash assistance.
  2. CERF will provide the link to the immediate cash application if your situation qualifies.

Immediate cash assistance will be provided within 24 hours of an unforeseen hardship that directly impacts an employee or immediate dependent family member.

Immediate Family

CERF defines “Immediate Family” as an employee’s spouse/domestic partner, minor children up to age 18 (up to age 26, if covered by the employee’s health insurance plan) or dependent for whom the employee is 100% financially responsible.

Parents, grandparents or other extended relatives are not considered dependents unless the employee can provide documentation that he or she is financially responsible for that relative (i.e., copy of most recent tax return showing dependents, proof of shared physical address or proof of financial responsibility). To learn more, please read the FAQs.

We're here to help.

Please contact your HR representative or your supervisor.

We're here to help. Please contact your HR representative or supervisor for assistance.